Welcome to Effectica AI! Simply upload your photos and our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence will transform them to images of your dreams. Whether you want to turn yourself into a superhero, a celebrity, or even a cartoon character, we can make it happen. So why wait? Try it out today and start living out your wildest dreams!

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Your data, your choice

You can choose to remove your photos and AI training result in 48 hours after making avatars.

Or if you prefer to keep it, you can ask Effectica to draw anything you want. Yourself with red hair in front of Eiffel Tower? Or maybe flying through universe? Anything you can imagine.

It also works with your favorite pet. Or toy garden gnome if you like.

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How it Works

You will need 10-15 different photos of yourself. Or 5-10 of your favorite lovely pet. Or something else, like a garden gnome.

Photos must be from different angles, different clothes and places. It may be hard but better input makes better results.

See examples of good and bad photos.

  • 01

    Upload 10-15 photos

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    Select avatar packages

  • 03

    Wait until AI is trained

  • 04

    Receive Your Avatars

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Our collection of packages will let you pick the perfect avatar pack.

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We recommend that you upload 10 photos of your face with shoulders, a couple from side and three full body.

Make sure that there are no other people or pets in your photos.

More angles, looking in different directions. Please don&aps;t upload nudes. Swimsuites and underwear is ok.

How exactly you do it?

We use artificial intelligence model called StableDiffusion and Dreambooth technology to train it on your photos.

How long will it take to process?

It depends on server load but usually less than a few hours.

How much will it look like me?

Very much. Different photos help AI to understand what part of the photo is you and not something else (clothes, background).See examples of good and bad photos.

Can i use my kid photo?

No. It will break our terms and conditions and may be against the law. AI results cannot be predicted so it is fine for adults. If we detect such behavior we will report you to authorities so please upload only photos of legal adults (18+).

Can i use someone else's photos?

Only if you have explicit consent of the person on photos.

Can i get a refund?

No, as the process of training starts immediately after uploading photos and it has a high cost.

What will happen with my photos?

If you choose to delete training results after generating, your photos and AI model will be destroyed within 48 hours. If you choose to save it to play with, it will be stored until storage fee is paid.

What image formats do you accept?


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